Helena comes from a background of a famous, family-owned restaurant and feels right at home in dining spaces. She understands the requirements of chefs, food service and dining patrons alike. Helena knows how to make dining spaces warm, inviting and extremely functional.

HVDL recently completed a substantial collaboration with Essex Golf & Country Club to update and refresh many of the social areas while respecting the history of the architecture.

The Ballroom received a fresh new paint scheme, carpet and lighting.

The Grille and Dining Room were united with coordinating fabrics, carpets, paint and light fixtures. The separate spaces were defined by a custom-designed room divider. This wall of refined wood millwork houses temperature-controlled private wine lockers for members. This elegant solution provides essential storage for staff and a sound barrier between the two social spaces.

The Don Ross Lounge is a casual room reserved for male members of Essex Golf to relax after a game and enjoy refreshments and large screens. Helena created a comfortable, masculine space for men to congregate.