HVDL worked with Caesar’s Windsor to utilize and activate the long-time vacant and unfinished space of the 27th floor of their hotel tower. The ideas was to create a unique and flexible space for social functions, corporate events and special occasions complete with bar lounge, plating area and restroom facilities.

After experiencing a 27 floor elevator ride, you arrive at a dark mysterious space, giving the sensation of forbidden access. The hallway is lined with a checker-plate embossed back-lit tile panel. Oversized hex bolts adorn the panels’ perimeter edge and accent the steel base plate. Once you make your way through the cleverly lit corridor, the environment opens up into stunning city skyline views and a ceiling grid of hanging lights which emulate a starry night.

The design creates visual interest within the main event area by incorporating textures in the wall paint and a stained concrete layered effect on floor. The combination of these elements along with the exposed ceiling and floating light grid creates a flexible venue that can be shaped through the adjustment of the brightness and colour of LED the lights.

Helena understands the importance and impact of restroom design in hospitality. It is a space that makes a great impression on patrons and is mentioned in conversations long after the experience. Restrooms are always given special consideration in her designs. She creates comfortable, intimate environments within larger public spaces.