Helena Ventrella Design takes an on-trend yet practical and cost-effective approach to designing for retail. We source materials and fixtures with long commercial warranties to create lasting environments that enhance the brand of the store. Where possible, we work with local fabricators to create custom fixtures for the specific needs of our business-minded clients.

The Running Factory project began with a small store on Wyandotte Street and expanded into rebranding the South Windsor New Balance store into a new Running Factory location.

The objective was to unify and better organize the two spaces to showcase the high end brands of shoes and increase display areas for clothing.

The concept in both stores is to have an urban concrete running track that leads the customer through the space, so they can take in each display area and find what they are looking for. Islands for modular displays are created inside the running track to add areas of interest and places to sit and try on footwear.

Authenic barnwood mixes in a wam ruggedness with the cool greys of the concrete, stainless steel fixtures and linear carpet. Black plumbing pipe is used to create strong, custom adjustable shelving on the walls. Ceilings are painted a cool dark neutral to make them recede and disappear.

The concept of the running path is successful, directs traffic flow and makes browsing effortless for the consumer.